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Extract movies from your DVDs and convert their format


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Get DVD to AVI is a great tool that will extract videos from physical discs and convert them to any format that is compatible with the device where you want to play it. That means that if you want to watch a movie on your smartphone, you can now do it thanks to this program.

You can now save your whole DVD collection on external drives so that you can watch your movies from all sorts of devices, like an iPad, iPhone, PSP, PS3, or any other smartphone that supports DivX.

Get DVD to AVI doesn't just change a video's format - it can also rapidly convert them to audio file formats like MP3 with just a few clicks on your part.

The application also includes audio editing options, so you can cut, mix, and add effects to different tracks, as well as the ability to add subtitles and watermarks to your videos.

If you need to convert a video to upload it to YouTube in the best format, Get DVD to AVI also includes built-in settings for this option so you won't run into any trouble.
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